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  • In-place swap

    In-place swap is just a logic trick used to swap a content of two distinct variables without any temporary storage variable.

  • Testing dialog in shell scripts

    Dialog is an utility for creating professional-looking dialog boxes within shell scripts, this article just follow the tutorial and present the examples of how and where it can be used.

  • Upgrade Ruby to the lastest version on Mac OSX with brew

    Recently when installing some gems, they poped out errors that the Ruby version is lower than required... I have to upgrade the shipped Ruby and the easiest way is using Homebrew.

  • Save script bookmarklets in Microsoft Edge

    Bookmarklets are shortcuts that actually run javascript snippets, usually to add a page to a service. But saving a bookmarklet was trickier than I thought in Edge.

  • Host Jekyll Site on Google Firebase with free SSL

    Firebase Hosting is a developer focused static web hosting provider that is super fast, secure and reliable. You can quickly and easily deploy your static websites to a global content-delivery network (CDN) with a single command.

  • Install Jekyll on Windows

    In this installation guide we’ll be using Windows 10. These instructions should work for older versions of Windows but they have not but tested.